#2 Gifts 'מתנה'

Because it's 5 days 'till Christmas!

gift (noun)

1. a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

I've been thinking a lot about gifts over the past 12 months and my project, 'Mathetes', is ultimately a quest to answer questions about what artists can and should do with their 'gifts'.

Along with authors Lewis Hyde, Elizabeth Gilbert and Brian Eno (to name just a few), Miriam, the prophetess who inspired and birthed INMIRIAM, has been teaching me how to give away songs and how to cherish pop culture.

Miriam - the dancer, poet, singer and audacious sister - is said to have helped bring about the survival of a nation by leading the women of Israel through the parted Dead Sea, in a chorus of song.

So because it's Christmas, and because I'm better at songs than prose, it'd make me very happy if you would accept this free download of the first EP. My gift!

I made it last year and it's the best introduction to this Mathetes project I've got. Please tell your friends and give it away. It'll be free 'till the last day of Christmas: 5th Jan.

Finally - an invitation to my next solo show: 25th Jan @ Kansas Smitty's (AKA the coolest bar on Broadway Market)